Thursday, December 24, 2009

No Gimmicks

this is photo taken by a favorite photographer of mine, keegan gibbs, and is not altered in any way and was shot on film. photos like this really inspire me and also proves that many things can be done in camera instead of in photoshop

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cool show this Friday

Come on out to see the work of my studio partner Andrea Fremiotti of Burn photo. This is a one night show with lots of industry folks.

I have been inspired! The web is full of websites, for self-proclaimed as well as professional photographers. I get a lot of ideas from the website It is an image database and I have found some images that make me think about how the image was created, how the lighting was used to create the mood or story being told.

I can use my shadows

I like Jeff Morgan's use of lighting, he makes high key high key for one! I love his use of color and contrast and I especially love the way he also plays with shadows and uses them to add to the image. I like that idea. I will add images shortly (the server will not allow me to upload right now) but his website is a great start.

Nick Brandt

Here is another photographer that I really like!!! I normally really like vivid strong colors. But i really like how much detail he has in his photos!! The texture is so great. I love how my taste in what i like in photos is being opened up. Click the title and go check him out!

Figuring out what type of light to use.

Here are some shots i took a while ago. I love smoke photos and decided to try it one night. It took me a while to figure out how to light it and i took a ton of photos to get a few that turned out good. These are some that turned out good. I cant wait to learn strobe so i can try again!

Difference between DOF and Speed

Here are some shots i did for a different class showing what DOF and shutter speed effect. This project helped me know what to change on the camera to get desired effects.

Cool lighting I tried

I took this shot the other day. I took a flash light and put it inside of the pepper to get a cool glowing feel.

Cool Photographer

This is a photographer that I really like! I have just started getting into his work. His name is Chace Jarvis and i really like the cool types of photography he does! Click the title and it will go to his site!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Interesting Lighting

This is another photo from Steve Nozicka. I like the mood the lighting gives which is much darker and moodier than the tale being told. Plus I got a thing for Corona too like that little lime


I have learned over the course of the semester that I have a thing for liquids and pours. I love when the photographer captures movement and when the principles that we have covered to shoot liquids and glass are evident. Steve Nozicka's work is a great example!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Intro to Lighting students,

where's the love?

forever yours,
The Students of Light Blog

Interesting new online magazine

Check out the new online magazine Pictory. Read the editor's note to see what it's all about.