Monday, January 31, 2011

Carlos Garcia

Carlos Garcia is also a local commercial photographer in the Atlanta area. His images are pretty rad and I love food photography! Check him out!

Local Photographer..

Alex Koloskov is a local commercial photographer in Atlanta. He is completely self taught and loves to think out of the box. His food photographer is great inspiration for the projects that are do this week.

Radu Carnaru

I love Radu's work. That is all. :) Also, sorry for the huge pics reeking havoc on the blog space. They're as small as I can get 'em!

Barry Underwood

So, I was perusing the latest issue of Real Simple magazine and came across a page featuring a photograph by Barry Underwood. He travels a lot and, with the help of another artist, marks the landscapes he shoots with LED lights or light installations. Gorgeous.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Tim asks, "IS THIS MAGICAL?" to all of his shots, holding his fingers in a frozen position looking up, his face in a gesture that reminds me of Emeril, asking his audience if he should spice it up a notch. I'm just working on this quarter going from "Bad To RAD." It is not easy to live up to the lingo of Tim Moxley, so I thought this post I would leave it to the experts. I was inspired for our black on black and color of our choice backgrounds for next week's assignment. Hopefully it will inspire you too. The top is from Coppi Barbieri Photography and the colorful photos below are from Jeff Von Hoene Photography.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sander Meisner

Sander Meisner lives in Amsterdam and takes photos of everyday scenes but appears to add his own lighting as well. The photos make me feel lonely.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Glass on white and family of angles inspiration

I stumbled on a photographer tonight who had shot after shot based completely around our demo in class tonight. You can see from the examples that you can make a simple clean shot on white very creative and graphic. You can find him at:

I like the crop in this one, as well as the subtle gradient across the label.

Here is a good example of our knife shot demo using cosmetics.

Fulvio Bonavia

This is Fulvio Bonavia.
I think this is awesome.
I love the composition in all of these
they are super creative and I love the lighting.
My favorite is the fish belt.

Keri Oberly

For our documentary class I did research on Keri Oberly, and I got sucked into her blog.  She is a travel documentary photographer, which I would love to be able to do one day.  I originally found her because of the photos she took at Burning Man, which is also something that I will go to and photograph one day.  If you don't know what burning man is, you should look it up.  But here are some of her photos.

My Sister

While, thinking about what I wanted to share from my own collection, I came across this picture of my sister from a couple of summers back. I love how the afternoon light streams across her face and makes the colors in the background pop.

Alec Soth

Alec Soth is a documentary photographer that I love love love!
This is a photograph from his NIAGRA project.
He does some really cool stuff and has some awesome stories.
I love this photo, I like how is represents the culture that he was experiencing.
and the time of day is awesome, the sky look amazing!
check him out!

Lori Nix

These images are done by Lori Nix, who to quote herself "is a non-traditional photographer." She builds her own sets and has to take into account materials, light, size, and everything else. The image above I love her style because she not only pays close attention to detail in her sets, but also she pays very close attention to how light would hit these same objects in real life.

Dark Side Of The Lens

class next week...

Hey everyone, go ahead and plan on getting to school early next week and get setup for the shoot that way you will all have plenty of class time to work. Again, let me know if you have any questions.



I really enjoy Rankin's work. I love the different lighting techniques he choses for each photograph, they are highly effective and striking to me. His shots always have a creative twist to them as well. Would love to take pictures like this, someday.

Vincent Laforet

Shooting primarily with available light, Vincent is known for his captivating aerial and tilt shift photography as well as HD video work with the new Canon 5D mark II. Check out a quick explanation of his photographic work here, plus his website with plenty more images and film work here. Since video is a definite part of digital photography's future, it doesn't hurt to see what current users are up to.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

food in natural and florescent light

I took this photo for a project I was working on over the break. This is one of the better exposures I got trying to shoot food in a heavy mix of natural and florescent light.

Danny Clinch

This guy has always done quality work. While his lighting setups are nothing new, he makes some of the most crisp and welcoming portraits of musicians. Check him out.