Wednesday, September 23, 2009

more examples

I tried posting these yesterday but for some reason was unable to. More work of Dan Tobin Smith.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dan Tobin Smith Photography

I was going to just send this to Jaemin but I thought the group would also enjoy it.

When I saw the cover to the new Jay-Z CD I went looking for the name of the photographer that shot it. In fact I think I may have bought the CD more for the cover since I have yet to listen to even one song but have gone over the visuals of the cover many times. The photographer's name is Dan Tobin Smith. His work really makes me think of some of the paint exploration of Jaemin's. I find myself wanting to explore monochromatic imagery but more as a backdrop for a more fashion based concept. Watching the video of the Jay-Z shoot is inspiring for me.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Great panels!

I'm really impressed with everyones panels last night, great job. You guys have come a long way in your understanding of lighting and I'm proud of the progress you have made. Good luck next quarter! Remember to keep feeding your passion for photography and renewing your comitment to your work. Sometimes it seems the hardest part is consistantly outdoing yourself.

-- tmox

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hollys Portraits

For my competitions class i shot a portrait of holly for our Jeykell Hyde shoot.

I took Holly to peidmont park around 4:30-5:00 right when the quality of light got better.

I used a gold reflector on the front of her to bounce the light on her face and create a warmer image.

Nick Knight

I have been a fan of this guy's for a long time without even really knowing it. I have collections of old shots from old magazines and didn't realize just how many shots that I had collected were shot by Nick Knight. This guy's work is all over the place but I like just about everything that I seen of his.

i shot in and around a home for our final project.  there was a pool in the back yard which would have been lovely to feature but it was not in a shootable state.  i did enjoy, however, the way the light interacted with the water and snapped some shots to keep in mind for future projects...

Speed Light shots

This weekend i had problems when i was shooting my final lighting project.
I shot on location in an abandoned prison. Needless to say there was no power in the building.
I used a generator to power my pack and strobes.
The generator was a pain to use and hardly ever worked how it was supposed to.

I used my sb-900 speedlight with a soft box to replace the strobes on some of my shots.

I was hoping to present these in class but it didnt happen. Im pretty happy with the way this shoot went. I used a large soft box as my main light and a small soft box to kick in some light here and there. Tim does well with direction and being a geek.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Derek Blanks

From what I have seen in magazines, online and on TV, Derek Blanks is Atlanta's go to photographer for hip-hop and celebs. I have seen him featured on America's Next Top Model a few times, seen him on Making The Band, as well as Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Yeah, I watch way too much reality TV. The shots that he did on ANTM of the models as two different alter egos reminds me of the assignment that we are doing for Greg. I guess he has been exploring the alter ego thing a lot.
I like the fact that he shoots musicians in the glammed way that he shoots them. It's kinda glossy and takes me back a bit to the 70s. I love old album cover art and he is kind of bringing that back.